Roger Waters DVD

I am still using the Laser Disc format for my home movies, but my new laptop computer came with a DVD player. This can be a good alternative to watching the edited crap movies and tapes of TV shows WITH COMMERCIALS on plane flights.

I remember seeing a portion of a Roger Waters DVD at the CES. I was pretty impressed with what I briefly viewed. The only scene that I can remember is Roger and some other people playing a hand of poker.

Can someone help me out here? Thanks!
Live DVD of Water's 2000-2001 tour. "In The Flesh"
Same as above, "In The Flesh", a great one.
Thanks for the help, Slipknot1 amd Richingoth!
yes they were playing cards during a portion of "dogs". Now I love the track but to me this is a statement of how non-musical the track is that you can waste your time playing cards if you are in the band. The show overall was okay. If there is a dvd of the RADIO KAOS tour you are better of with that one. Out of the over 100 concerts I have been to that one is always in my top three