Roger Waters-Amused to Death

Had never heard of this album until I heard 'It's a Miracle' and just had to buy it.
Original authorised copies on Columbia are very rare (Limited Edition Set) and mastered direct to lacquer from all-analogue Master Tapes.

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great album it has been in my collection for years. unmatched lateral imaging.
I love it.  I have both the vinyl and the SACD.  The Q Sound surrounds you with music in a 2 channel system.  It is always one of my "go to" pieces of music.
I've got a NM original from Analogue tapes. Been meaning to play it for ages. They go for big money on e-bay, but who knows. I remember it to be a great recording, but haven't played it in years.
Another +vote for the SACD.
I listened to the album 3-4 times before I realized the barking dogs in the first 5 minutes were actually in the recording and not directly to my right and outside the house. Stunningly wide sound stage at no noticeable loss of sound quality.
Stunning SACD, one of the most impressive on my shelves in all 3 dimensions.  I had a similar experience the dogs barking 10-12' to right of speakers, down the hall and behind the wall in the yard and the radio broadcast similarly impressive to the far left of room and then some!