Roger Waters...

Does anyone know if this CD was realesed in a higher quality pressing (gold disc, import...especially Japanese) or are there plans for a new release (Japanese EMI?) Sorry analog fans, this is one piece of music that shouldn't be split up on 2 sides!
about which album are you inquiring? roger has done more than one. -kelly
I assume that you are referring to the, "Amused to Death", CD. There are numerous audiophile pressings made of this disk. I have seen a DCC gold plated disk and I know that there are some high quality Japanese pressings floating around. I used to check out a magazine called, "Goldmine". They had listings from specialty stores as well as private collectors. Good Luck.
if "amused to death" is the album in question, it is on 4 vinyl sides, not just 2. the original english lp pressing blows away all of the cd versions i own (original usa, dcc and japanese). -kelly
I own three copies of "Amused to Death," the two disc British LP that I play. Another identical sealed set as backup, and the US CD.

For what it is worth, I agree with Kelly, the LP has so much more information, it sounds like a different recording.
The original master must be pretty good.I have it on CD (best buy,new for $9.99) It sounds so good, I have no further interest finding it on vinyl.All the vinyl copies are too high priced anyway.
david: c'mon mon, please don't disappoint your fellow vinyl devotee's. like albert, i have a sealed uk "amused to death" as a backup. maybe two. sure, it''ll cost ya' but maybe you have something i covet for trade? -kelly
With the raves that you guys are giving the vinyl version, i would be VERY tempted to pick one up. That is, if i thought the CD was "good" in the first place. Listenable at times, but nowhere near as good as his Floyd stuff. To each their own... Sean
Cornfedboy, I would love to see your copy of Amused to Death on DCC, especially when DCC did not remaster this title.
"The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking" is a terrific record as well, worth picking up a copy. I saw Roger live last year, absolutely incredible concert. It was 5% Waters material and 95% Pink Floyd, he covered almost all of "The Wall" and most of "Dark Side". I was very surprised at the play list, and it was quite something to see/hear. And yes, I saw Pink Floyd during the "Animals" tour, Waters was as good or better (the venue was better acoustically, stadium tours suck). Jeff

OK, not DCC, but Sony/Columbia have issued a gold version of "Amused to Death". They used the Super BitMap processing, too. Sounds pretty good, though I can't comment on a comparison with the British vinyl.
I have this CD in a Sony SBM version. It is much clearer and less harsh than the standard CD.
I would have to agree with Black70jr that the Sony SBM gold version is quite a bit better than the standard. I have both copies and only play the standard on the road.
jeff,ditto on catching the animals tour. i was blown away at tampa stadium (aka stadium venue). the wemb (?) quad p.a. sitting on the top row X4 crosscorner was primo at that local and tour.
meddle i agree (not sucky) another listening experience,
indoors, at the winterland. kurt
chriskh: i do have a gold cd of "amused to death" and thought i had bought it from the dcc distributor at ces a few years ago. i've just now pulled it from my shelves. the back cover indicates it's from columbia/legacy/master sound and was mastered using sbm technology. the cd number on the "spine" is ck-64426. my new guess is, i bought it from the master sound distributor. -kelly
Kelly-Im sorry for my above post! I must be regressing!
Or maybe Im just getting lazy in my mid 40's!
david: no need to apologize to me. but thanks, anyway. -kelly