Roger Paul has passed away

I received an email today stating Roger Paul has passed away due to poor health.  Conferring with the person who relayed this information, understanding he did not want to initiate a thread here, and presuming its veracity, I bring the news to everyone.

My interactions with Roger Paul consisted of meeting him at least twice.  First, about a dozen years ago at our monthly audio club get together, hosted by one of our members who owned the preamplifier and power amplifier Roger had marketed under his HCAT brand.  Roger joined us for the day.  We spoke a while, as I wanted to discuss his technology, claims, sonics, etc.  The second time being this past year, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  Coming out of a thread that featured a lot of back and forth between Roger and several Audiogon members around his claim to have come to the finish line with his technology, and now possessing what he considered the preeminent amplifier in existence.  I volunteered to visit Roger, and assess the claims for myself in the interest of all of us and the overall discussion.  Roger and his partner served as gracious hosts, and we enjoyed an afternoon of music, conversation, and a notably good iced tea.  From what I remember, I may have run into him another time or three, though in setting with much less deep interaction.

May he rest in peace,
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As I implied not much to consider, see, or hear...

Human nature shows people feel intrigued when someone shows up professing to have discovered or developed something innovative or even revolutionary. Especially, when such people declare it unquestionably superior to everything else. Lacking the ability to actually assess such claims only magnifies the excitement, and people put all the more stock in them. We hope something better out there exists, or someone will come to the rescue and make it. We want to believe.

Roger obviously didn’t know much about business, and those in this realm who do didn’t see reason to back the product or Roger. In 20 plus years, only a handful of people bought a new HCAT amplifier or preamplifier. Though I came to definite conclusions about the man, his product, and the technology he built upon after multiple face to face interactions, I’ve kept things on the respectful side due to the nature of this thread. Hopefully, people can read between the lines. If anyone wants more in terms of specifics, please feel free to contact me
I don't know who Paul is, and stop calling me Roger.
Joe get in touch with me.  Your old friend Doc Steven M