Roger Miller anyone?

Lately I've been "obsessed" with Roger Miller and his music.  I've been playing disc after disc.  I love most of the songs and the recordings, to me, are pretty great.  I'm not sure where this appreciation came from but I'm happy it did.  I searched out a biography of the man, seems he was an original in so many way.

I guess you either love his music or you think its crap.

Me, I love it.

Anyone else share the sentiment?

I'm ready for the critics, so have at it.  

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@tooblue - and a chicken ain't chicken till it's lickin' good fried, deep on the sunny side...

I grew up listening to his music, I like it. My dad liked it so much, he built a stereo to play his records. That got me started into this audio lifestyle. Thanks Roger Miller!

I remember King of the Road and Dang Me when I was a kid. Those were very popular then.