Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers/Hosty

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Im a child of the 70's matured and married in the 80's and modern alternative in the 90's. Ive noticed alot of the crowd is into some sort of rock and roll music.

I have to tell the AG people about some great music that for the past 4-5 years that is always in my cdplayer.

They are 2 bands, Roger clyne and the peacemakers and the Hosty trio/duo (once was 3 and now they are 2).

We went to a club to see/hear the venue and loved it. Both bands played and when finished everyone was dancing/rocking out. My self and my 55yr old neighbor make the trip to see these bands since 96.

This post can cover alot of AG topics as, music that makes you dance, best blues cd, hamond b3, music you listen to over and over, best recorded rock albums, most hauntingly beautiful music, and the list goes on and on.

I am not affilliated with these bands only want to pass along something that is truely great music.

When I was a kid I would always read circus magazine and buy the albums that were always in the top 10 list for weeks. I really know cool great music no matter what kind, this stuff is cool.

Roger Clyne and the PM are sort of Southwest Rock , some jam, some ballads, mexico/horses/women/vices

Hosty Trio/Duo, great slide blues, great vocals (as also rcpm) they also have a super funny/cool kind of country cd , 10lb hammer sort of dr demento stuff) Guitars are super cool on all.

They have web sites and, the hammond b-3 player that is not with hosty has a band and really great cd is the sugarfree allstars. Hosty and Sugarfree AS are out of Norman OK and RC&PM are from AZ

Just trust me on these and order and listen,AND POST
I have over 1200 cd/lp and have seen all the great rr classic tours, love and saw queen day at races/news of world tours/areosmith rocks/toys attic/led zep song remains/kiss alive 1/ and many more,

Kind of want to know what speakers people with my kind of taste have to really jam out to.

Sorry for the length of the post but after listening to these bands, I think theyre might be some more posts? or I could be wrong---naaaaaaa

Kelton. Roger Cline used to be the front man for the group The Refreshments. He is a great live performer. I have seen him several times and even recorded one of his shows on a Digital8 recorder. If you like him, you should also check out Slobberbone, Ryan Adams, and Jamie Farrar. Very similar and exceptional listening.
Hey kgb, thanks for the lead on the new tunes, I love ag for reasons like this, I noticed slobberbone will be in OKC at vzd's this fri nite. Cant go going to vegas the next am and getting old cant howl at the moon and see the sun rise anymore.

On slobberbone I noticed on the disography that all of their albums are not for sale. Can I get these anywhere else? This looks like what I am into now.
Ryan Adams looks great, are any cd's better than others for this group?
Jammie Farrar, same question.
I plan on getting all of slobberbone and wait till your responce for the last 2 groups

I think you will really like hosty, all the cd's are great but the blue cover (their first cd)is the best but worst recorded and their live is great but quality is also lacking but it is only done my mike hosty solo.
Saw the Refreshments since 96 and continue to this day, the guys are cool and like the country life.
are you in tx just curious? What speakers do you use to jam to.
Again thanks for the tunes Ill be listening to these new cd's in the big silver air machine