Roger Alan Modjeski (RAM) 1951 - 2019

It is with great sadness that I announce Roger A. Modjeski passed away peacefully in his home in San Pablo, CA after an 12 month battle with cancer. Roger started Music Reference in 1981 and later RAM Tubes, The Tube Audio Store, and The Berkeley HiFi School. For more than 38 years he tirelessly ran his business and designed some of the most unique and well received audio components in the industry. Right until the near end Roger was working, designing, and teaching until he physically was unable to continue.

The link below will take you my playground where I have posted my tribute to Roger (click ENTER after the page loads):

Fare thee well my friend.
Great posts, one and all. Damn @rpeluso, I am green with envy! I need to rob a bank (just kidding F.B.I. ;-) . That leaves two I guess. What a time to be broke. ;-(
I realise now that Roger’s real family was actually his audience of fans. That must be why he took such good care of them.
It would have been great to be there at the service and hear the stories.
I’m not sure he will quite work things out with David Manley up there though! Is it safe to enter audio heaven with them up there thrashing it out just yet?....
@bdp24, just the one now :-0
@bdp24 well one of the two RM-9 SEs left is a 240V version and as @ndevamp alluded to in his post that one has his name on it. The last one is Roger's personal unit.
Who ever gets that one needs to be sure to treaure it.