Roger Alan Modjeski (RAM) 1951 - 2019

It is with great sadness that I announce Roger A. Modjeski passed away peacefully in his home in San Pablo, CA after an 12 month battle with cancer. Roger started Music Reference in 1981 and later RAM Tubes, The Tube Audio Store, and The Berkeley HiFi School. For more than 38 years he tirelessly ran his business and designed some of the most unique and well received audio components in the industry. Right until the near end Roger was working, designing, and teaching until he physically was unable to continue.

The link below will take you my playground where I have posted my tribute to Roger (click ENTER after the page loads):

Fare thee well my friend.
Not that VTLs were much better than ARCs for repairability! Roger was unique in designing circuits that are reliable, something that has stuck with me. David Manley was another of his faves to ‘discuss’. ( disturbed by.) I always thought using a hybrid circuit with SS input stage on the RM200 he might offend tube purists, but for him the benefits of having a stable input stage with no drift outweighed the perceived but unwarranted sonic shortcomings. But yes I feel the RM9 is the essential Roger at his best, followed by the revelatory RM10 running its EL84s at 700v and all while keeping dissipation within bounds.
I think you mean self bias, not auto bias? Self bias sets the output stage current by circuit configuration with a reduction in output power, and auto bias is fixed bias with a subcircuit to adjust bias automatically. I think he wanted to eliminate misadjustment of the bias setting as not everyone who wants a nice amplifier is familiar with how to do it. Class A operation means lower and more consistent distortion products.
That brings me to a question, what’s going to happen to his vast collection of equipment, and his schematic designs? I’d possibly be able to make sense of the electrostatic tube driver circuit if I saw it again. It’s probably in a cupboard somewhere.
@bdp24 and @ndevamp, I think Roger would be a bit miffed with both of you right now. He designed the "new" RM-10 circuit to be cathode bias, the correct term from his perspective versus self-bias.

As far a his equipment, schematics, and other company details Roger took care of all that. The details will be made public at an appropriate time, which is not now.
Yes well self bias is the generic term which can also be other forms of self bias as well as cathode bias, like grid self bias. So you’re right, it’s specifically cathode bias. Ok about the schematics. It might be best not to release them publicly as they can be misinterpreted and then erroneously be credited to Roger. Although some are already out there. But if he took care of it, it will be in good hands.
Anyway, Roger has departed! Still a bit in shock.

@clio09 did RAM direct a preference for donations in his memory ? I would certainly like to do that.
As with all people I hold in especially high regard or are unusually important to me, I'm still trying to get used to the fact that Roger is no longer here. It's comforting to know there are others feeling the same way. Thank you @ndevamp, @clio09, and @tomic601. The last time I felt this much loss was when Richard Manuel could no longer take it, and did the unthinkable. That one still hurts.