rodrigo Y gabriela 11:11

bought rodrigo Y grabriela 11:11 about a month ago , the best cd ive bought in awhile. highly recomended. a perfect blend of acoustic rock. and very well recorded.
Good call! Some great driving grooves there.

Saw 'em live once, in Europe. I have the original Rodrigo y Gabriela CD and it is a great system workout! Dynamic and fun!
Their "stairway to heaven" is a great remake which does justice to the original, yet is unique. Great fun and music...jallen
I saw them live a month ago, here in Detroit. A stunning concert. I'll not ever miss them if they come to town. 11:11 is a great record. I only fantasize that their stuff were available on vinyl...
Iramirez -

Have fun. :)

Oh my god, thanks so much Dusty! I ordered it right away.

After reading this thread I found and downloaded a couple of their albums. Holy crap!!! Highly recommended.
No joke, this is some of the most impressive guitar work out there. I saw them live at Lollapalooza too. The amount of percussion they get from beating their guitars and stomping their feet is incredible. Hard to believe this much sound can come from just two people with two guitars.
Love them. Saw them in Dublin.
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