Rodney Crowell teams up with Jeff Tweedy.

Rodney Crowell is very well known, respected, and acknowledged in the Americana (underground Country) field, as is Jeff Tweedy is in the Pop-Rock world. Crowell says it occurred to him that as they are both songwriters and singers, why not get together and collaborate on an album?

I’m sure many more people here are Tweedy rather than Crowell fans. On this album you will be able to hear them side by side, singing their co-written songs in unison, not harmony. A wasted opportunity to record some duets, a thing I love. Why unison, not harmony? I have my suspicions, as I stated on another current AG thread.

I sure hope this isn’t just a calculated attempt by Rodney to increase the size of his audience, but rather is artistically driven. At any rate, this should be illuminating. New West Records (Rodney's label) is releasing Rodney Crowell: The Chicago Sessions on May 5th, on both LP and CD.


Crowell, "son" of Guy Clark, being a far more hero to me than Tweedy. Good news we have more music coming :)

@bdp24 - I have to think it's an honest artistic challenge for Rodney, but we know those don't always work out.  I hope it does, but we'll see.

As Rodney sang about fame and lots of other things on "Close Ties" not too long ago, "I Don't Care Anymore."

Tweedy  may have more sales and recognition than on Crowell, but IMHO they have equal but different talents. Sometimes brilliant, sometimes boring. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot or The Houston Kid?