Rodney Crowell

Just home from a wonderful evening, Rodney along with two great players (guitar and fiddle) playing many many great and wonderful songs, not all his own either.  He did Guy Clark and two Haggard songs (today is Merle's birthday and "deathday", if that's appropriate/correct/not offensive).  A truly great artist, and a pleasure to experience.  
Sounds great. I’d like to hear him with a full band, well actually I’d be happy to see him any way. I saw his first wife not too long ago and she was really good.

One of the handful of my favorite contemporary songwriters, singers, and all-around music makers. I’ve seen & heard Rodney in the flesh only once, in the 00’s at The Roxy in Hollywood. He was touring with "only" a guitarist (longtime sideman Steuart Smith) and bassist (the legendary---amongst good musicians---Jerry Scheff, who has been in the bands of both Elvis Presley and T Bone Burnette, and is on thousands of recordings, including Costello’s King Of America).

The lack of a drummer actually allowed one to better hear Jerry’s bass parts, and they were astonishingly great! He is the best bassist I’ve heard live, and that includes Rick Danko (The Band), Joey Spampinato (NRBQ. Keith Richard’s 1st-call bassist), and John Entwistle (I’ll assume you know of him ;-).

The room was full of other songwriters, singers, and musicians, all there for a master class in music making. which they got. It was fantastic!

@tomcy6, Rosanne was actually Rodney’s second wife. He’s now on his third ;-) .

Rodney's really doing great work now and seeing him with Steuart Smith would be a real treat.  I'm not familiar with Jerry Scheff but he's got to be good to travel in that company.

Let's hope Rodney finishes up with wife number three.  He's mellowed out a little.

I read an article about Rosanne and at a show somebody in the audience yells out, "I love you."  Rosanne looks at him and says, "You don't know me.  I'm difficult."  I'd bet she is.

Aren’t they all? ;-) At least Rodney fared better than Howie Epstein (Tom Petty’s bassist), who got entangled with Rosanne’s half sister Carlene Carter, daughter of June Carter and her first husband (whom she left for Johnny Cash), the also-Country singer Carl Smith, from whom she got her strikingly good looks (Carlene in her prime was SO hot).

Before Howie, Carlene had been with Nick Lowe, who later wrote a song entitled "Homewrecker" ;-) . Howie and Carlene were at one point arrested in New Mexico driving a stolen vehicle and in possession of heroin, an overdose of which later put Howie six feet under. Rock ’n’ f*ck*n Roll, dude! I’ll save my knowledge of Dwight Twilley and Susan Cowsill’s escapades for another time. I know of them ’cause my first wife was later with Bill Pitcock IV, Twilley’s guitarist.

I'm familiar with the Carlene and Howie tragedy.  Carlene seems to have gotten herself back together and put out a couple of good albums, minus the blonde hair and short skirts though.
Isn't Carlene the artist who said she wanted to put the "see you next Tuesday" back into country music?
Yeah, that's her.  The way I heard it, Johnny and her mom were in the audience when she said it. 
@rpeluso, you mean the "I want to put the c*nt back into country" comment? Yup, trash-mouth Carlene, the home wrecker (she didn't shy away from stealing other women's husbands). Howie couldn't resist her seductive charms, nor could Nick. Nor the about six other poor slobs who have married her. I admit it, I too would have; watch one of her old video on You Tube to see why. There is one with Al Anderson of NRBQ playing guitar in her band.