Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2021

This show seems to be on track to be held in Denver CO Oct 8-10 at the Gaylord Convention Center.

Wondering if past attendees would comment on if they felt going to this show, at this venue is worthwhile as a hifi hobbyist. 

I have read the site is nice but very spread out, resulting long walks, elevator rides, long lines.  Of course the virus situation might change some of this.

As I am getting back into this to upgrade my system, I am thinking about attending.
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Read this title too fast,

 I read “Rocky Mountain oysters”

   I must be hungry. 
 I read “Rocky Mountain oysters”

+1  Bruce's Bar In Severance Colorado.  Home of the RMO!
Thanks all who have replied.  I will watch developments over the next few weeks, may make the trek to be there.  I heard the last show in LA was a big bust, perhaps too early in the C19 recovery.