Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2005

I'm just wondering how many Agoners will be attending this year's fest?

Any word on any analog goodies this year?
Hello Cmk, i'm hoping to attend RMAF05. I went to it last year and loved it, this year's event is supposed to have even more exibitors. It wasn't really crowded, so you could see and hear what you wanted, and had plenty of time to talk . The rooms were bigger than at the NYC shows, so the sound was the best i've heard in hotel rooms! Two great performances by Patricia Barber too. I drove out from VT. last year(48 hrs) so i could visit some of my favorite mineral hot springs and i'm hoping to do the same again if funds allow. I haven't heard of any specific analog goodies, but last year there were many surprizes. Hope you can make it out, hope i can too. Enjoy, Alan
Rives Audio will be there and will be giving several seminars on Room Acoustics.
I am sure that there will be alot of analog as most of the rooms last year were spinning vinyl. There are sure to be several Teres and Galibier tables running. I have heard that Loyd Walker will be there with his analog gear in the Redrock Audio room. Also Artemis will be in attendance with their new phono stage. There should be alot of good analog stuff to check out.

Sounds like you had a great drive to get to the Audiofest last year. It's almost too bad in a way I'm closer coming from Los Angeles. I guess I'll have to stop off at Las Vegas, heheh.

If I can make it, I'd love to attend your seminars Richard.

Last year I couldn't make, although I had a great time with Thom Mackris listening to 2 Galibier Supremes with the Schroeder Ref & the Triplanar 7. So this year, I've got this chance and will go for sure.

For those you want to know more, check the site below.
Had a great time last year and will be attending again. The local micro brews in the hotel bar make a nice break when the ears get tired. Herron Audio will have a room this year. And I am looking forward to meeting Frank Schroder who will be in attendance again this year. I bought one of his arms, but have not received it yet.
There's going to be a boatload of great analog at the show.

Last year, the weather was so darned good, and with it being the first year of the show, the local turnout was light. Between not getting the word out and the nice weather, people took to the mountains, and frankly I can't blame them - I didn't name my company Galibier fer nuthn'.

This year, the organizer told me he sold all of last year's exhibit rooms out in early March, and proceeded to purchase another floor. The Absolute Sound is making a big deal out of the show.

Frank Schroeder, Tri Mai (Triplanar), Lloyd Walker, probably Wally M., and who knows what other analog luminaries will be there.

It's a great laid back environment in which you can rub elbows and pick the brains of the designers. I'm originally from NYC, and this *ain't* NYC - no hassles, low-key vibes, and the high country is an hour away.

Book a couple of extra days and take advantage of one of the best parts of the year in the high-country.

Y'all come *up* now ...

I wish I could go but just don't have the funds to make it.Does the show go on the same month each year?
In our room at the show, Avanti Audio (formerly named Exppressimo Audio) will be showing a couple of their massive tables, including the "Fossil", which will be on demo. They will also be bringing their tricked out arms and some of their other goodies.

We will also have our record weights on display and demo.

It looks like analog will be represented well this year as evidenced by the other respondents.

Hi 76doublebass,

To the extent that this is only the second year of the show, yes it's at the same time each year - the last weekend in Sept. or the first weekend in Oct.

Thom @ Galibier
last year i remember reading what a great time everyone had. so i'll be there this year......i'm really looking forward to it.

since VSAC is likely no more.....RMAF will fill that considerable void for me.
I'm going and really looking forward to it. Hope to meet some of you.

Culd you give date city and ticket information? Maybe recommend a few hotels?
I'll be there as well, probably the first and third days. Would be nice to meet up with some of you.
Hi Steve,

The first day (Friday) is great for schmoozing. The systems are still settling in, and good listening is the exception as people re-evaluate and fine tune their setups. Toward the end of the day, you'll hear some good sound. Take advantage of this day to rub elbows with those manufacturers who's brains you've been wanting to pick.

Saturday is busy, but you can get a lot of good listening in.

On Sunday, everyone is burned out and anxious to break down their gear, but the gear is probably sounding its best this day. Hit your "gotta see again" rooms early on Sunday (before 1pm).

Thom @ Galiber
I was really looking forward to putting names to faces soon! Wish I could make it this year, but my son is getting married this month so the budget is shot through winter. The wife and I are planning trips for 2006 and this event is on my list after her Alaskan cruise. It is possibly the only place to get a listen to Teres and Galibier somewhat side-by-side. There's always next year.
Does anyone have the hotel information handy where the Audio Fest will be held to be able to book a room ?
It might be nice to all meet at the hotel bar early on Saturday evening to be able to match up some faces with familiar Audiogon posters.
Larry (Cello), here is the link:

I have a room there (Denver Tech Center) and prices are about what any other hotel in the area is. I arrive Sept 29th, the day before. If you decide to go, call my cell number and lets hook up for dinner.
I forgot to mention, I live in Denver. If anyone is meeting up for dinner or drinks or anything before, during, or after the show, send me an email... I'm probably 15 minutes away from the show.
I'm also 15 minutes from the show. For out of towners if you arrive a day or two before the show, I'll be available to show you around.
Thanks Albert for the awesome pictures last year at the RMAF and look forward to see you again!
I would like to take up your offer if you don't mind. I'll be arriving on the Sep 29 about noon, so I'll only have the afternoon.

Just wanted to check, is the Marriot Tech Centre the only hotel there? Are there any other hotels in the vincinity? I seem to have difficulty booking cheap accomodation at the Marriot.
I booked at the Marriott through the show's website and got a room for $79. Is that not cheap enough?
Ok, I tried to use Marriott's main booking system and they didn't have the special rates for the show, was quoted $160-180+tax.

Just called the Marriott Tech Center direct and got my accomodation settled, its $119 for the first nite and $79 for the other 2 nights, so that's fine.
I'm glad you called the Marriott Tech Center direct, in most of cases it's better way to go rather than call the main booking system.
My wife and I travel frequently, that's what we use some times. We also use Expedia and a lot.
Hey guys, i just found out that Rickie Lee Jones is in Boulder on Oct. 4th and in Durango on the 5th if anyone is interested. I just got a ninth row center seat yesterday for the Boulder Theater show, so seats are still available. I've never been there, but i heard from the ticket seller that it seats about 1000 people! Should make for a great experience, i'd highly recommend seeing her. I'm driving out to RMAF and back from the east, and also got a ticket for Dead Can Dance at the Auditorium Theater in Chicago on the 12th on my way home, so i'm all hopped up over the whole trip!, except for the gasoline costs!
I'll be at the show on all the days and I'll watch for Alberts Camera.I'm arriving the cheap long route via Greyhound Bus so I can save a little dough on gas and stay Thursday night thru Sunday.It should be an adventure,But since I'm not working anymore I'm in no real rush to get up to Denver or back.
So do audio systems sound different at high altitudes?
We've booked our rooms and flights. Should be in the hotel around 3 on Friday and leave around 4 on Sunday. I'm looking forward to seeing old friends and putting faces to monikers. Where should we meet up and what time?
I will get there around noon on friday, but I'm stuck in Denver until early monday morning. So far I'm booked into the Bradford, but I'm thinking of changing to the Marriott Courtyard, any advice???
Yes Nate, one piece of advice.

Don't ask the Bradford to get you reservations at the Marriott Courtyard.
Thanks Albert that's some great advice!!!
We changed our inbound flight so we should be checked in at the hotel around 1pm on Friday. Let's plan on meeting somewhere and going to dinner. Any thoughts on this Albert and Nate? Larry?
You guys should still have my cell number, otherwise you can leave a message for me in my room. I'm in the same hotel.

I have a full size rent car and will drive anywhere we can agree on. I check in Thursday afternoon, so call me whenever.
Hi all:
I'm going to have a pre show warm up (open house) at my place from about 1pm till whenever on Thursday the 29th. Since I'm not going to be exhibiting this year for SP Technology, I'll have lots of time to play. Come enjoy an afternoon of no-pressure, great listening, complete with refreshments and libations. If you're interested in coming by, email me so I can give you directions and the address. I'd also like to get an idea of how many will be here. I'm about 15 minutes from the Marriott Tech Center Hotel. See you here!
Here is a picture from last year's RMAF in my exhibit room taken by Albert;
Correction: the picture says Chang Lightspeed, but it should be Chang Audio Network.
Albert I'm not sure if I still have yer cell number. I have a room at the Bradford but I'm trying to change it to the Marriott. Vetterone is staying there too, I'm not sure about Cello and the others...
I would like to get together and do dinner or something, or find some with which to tag-along for the show. Let's make some plans.
damn! now I wish I was going to RMAF as well! it sounds like all of you are going to have loads of fun! Plus, it would have been very nice to meet all/many of you & put faces to monikers.
for personal reasons I couldn't make but I'll sure try for next year.
have fun guys & I know Albert will take some very nice hi-rez pix for us to see! :-)
Any of you wanting my contact info can use the Audiogon email system to reach me. Clicking on my name will give you the option.

I don't mind any of you having my cell number, but hesitant to print it in the forums where the spammers can pick it up.

I think this show is going to be fun, hope to meet even more of you Audiogon members.
Cello helped me get my room changed to the Marriot. Sounds like most of you fanatics are staying there! Should be a good time. I'm hoping it's more fun than CES!

Let the party begin...
Has anyone begun assembling a list of Analog exhibitors yet? So far, I'm aware of the following:

Basis, Clearaudio - likely in several of the Audio Unlimited rooms: 7209, 7212, 7213, Blanca Peak, Maroon Peak

Galibier - 7130, 7920

Redpoint - Primrose

Teres - 7030 (and likely other rooms)

Sota - 7017

VPI - 515, 519

Walker Audio - 7007, 7224

I'd be interested in knowing if anyone is aware of any other ones. Looking at the exhibitiors list, I'm guessing that there will be a few more.

Thom @ Galibier
I don't know about the room number but I just got off the phone from TriPlanar, and he is going to be there. Sota shows with his arms a lot, but I don't know what they're using this time. Kirk said they were going to have four tables at the show. I think at one point he said three were going to be the Millenia. WOW!

I can't wait to see all the good stuff that I can't find in this one horse town!
Yes, Triplanar will be in two rooms, I believe.

The one I know about should be making outstanding sound - with my former collaborator's 'tables (Redpoint), accompanied with John Wolff's Classic Audio Reproductions speakers. I'm not certain about their electronics. I do know however that Tri Mai is a big fan of Atmasphere as is John Wolff.

There's gonna be killer vinyl at this show, if I do say so myself. I'm really looking forward to meeting new and old friends.

Thom @ Galibier
Will anyone be there on Thu afternoon?

I was thinking of meeting up with some folks here before the show starts, just to get to know you guys.
Can't believe I almost missed it. Time flies.

I am about 20 min from the Marriott. Shoot me a email through the audiogon email system. It would be nice to meet some fellow goner's.

Those of you who went to the fest, what was your opinion of the show?

Good sounding rooms? My vote goes to :
a) Herron audio
b) Boulder/JM Lab Utopia
I thought the Modwright room had an excellent set-up. As did the Exemplar room, but mainly due to the analog set-up featuring the Galibier TT. I also enjoyed listening in the Herron room.
My report is up at PFO

Audiogon has over 300 excellent images that I shot for them, hopefully they will be up soon. It was a great show, wish a couple of the Audiogon wheels had been there to share the fun.
Albert I forgot how good the Teres 360 looked! All of the pictures are great. I can't wait to see the rest here at AudiogoN. Nice work!
Congrats Albert, great pics and well crafted descriptions...I see why you get the big bucks!
Very nice work Albert!

I really enjoyed seeing you, and Pat, and Nate, and the whole crew that had dinner together with us on Saturday night. It was fun!
I was there with four other friends from Mexico. We saw (and listened) to many great rooms, many equipped with analog rigs.

Lot´s of fun and learning!