Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

Anyone else going to be there? It is this weekend in the Denver Tech Center.
Hey dude, ill be there!
We will do lunch
Keep it in the family Slappys!
Shameless self promotion! I'll throw one in just to help you out!
WHats that BigKidz?
Think you can take all three of us?

Is that Rocky Mountain Way or Rocky Horror Picture Show ?
Three? I thought I counted four! Come on, I'll punch your fist with my jaw!

@#%$*&^)(!@(*#@*#^@%@%@( OK??
SLAPPYS! ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SLAPPYS... Knock it off!...
I said cut it out! Cant you get serious for 5 freakin minuits?

Wher'd the Ham Hock come from?.. What are those...? Bunjee cords??... Whats with the bunj......Wait a sec... Ahhhh i get it. Sounds like fun! IM IN!!!!

Hey, Bigkidz, ill have to get back with you on that! Got stuff to do here!
Lookin' fwd to seeing Patricia Barber. Should be a great weekend in the Rockys!
I hope you'll get the chance to check out the Harmonic Precision Caravelles I've been raving about. Starsound, I'm told, is going to be at this show, with ALL their wares.
If you can't be with the one you love, love the one your with...
I'm going too, looking forward to listening to some items I am interested in!
Pat Barber will be singing there; I would rather go to the dentist.
Rocky Mountain Oysters??!!!!

Count me in!!