Rockstar Supernova

Has anyone been watching this, I am amazed at the talent that is being displayed so, many of the girls have incredable voices and stage presence. I really had no expectations of this show being good given the members of Supernova who I really could care less about. Give it a chance it's nice to see this kind of talent
I agree,The performers are mostly semi pro.Check The shows web site.The backup Band is probably better than Supernova,They are exceptional musicians...The part of the show I don't care for is Navarro's[Average rhythm guitar player] comments gushing over the great Supernova."Gosh,how did you feel with the GREAT Tommy Lee playing behind you??" You have in Supernova a real good bass player and an average guitar player and an average drummer.The contestants are all very good at this point.Their all bring'in it..Dope Man !!Ha!
Are you talking about the CBS show hosted by Brooke Burke? Where are you finding the talent on that show?

In all seriousness, I watch that show and aside from 2-3 people, I cannot see the rest being anywhere near ready to front Supernova let alone a band I see at my local Pub. The rest of them look to me as actors playing on rock star cliches, unconvincingly.
I don't see it being hard at all to front Supernova at all. Your fans are going to be fans of Mettalica,Guns & Roses and Motley Crue what kind of expectations are they going to have. The singers on the show are head and shoulders above any of their bands lead singers were. Yes it does look like a act sometimes but they need to impress the simple minds that are judging them how else are you going to win? I think it is very difficult to go on stage for one song you may not normally sing each week and having to nail it. The backup band is better than Supernova no doubt! I guess i'm missing somthing if only 2 or 3 have some talent mabey I need to listen to rock radio a little more.
Even though they are a group comprised of a great bass player and a less than stellar drummer and guitarist, they are pros. I give em props for surviving in a short attention span industry. If you ignore Dave Navarro's constant "male in heat" sexual inuendos, I think they are displaying good insight into the performers strengths and weaknesses. To my ears, almost everybody at this point (the strange caterwauling woman in the spandex a notable exception) is very professional. But the there's this small % of something special that separates professional from outstanding and memorable, and I only hear that from two or three of them. Like Blblue68 says, it's realy hard to convincingly nail songs you only have a few days to learn.
I think the show is addictive; a nice rounding out of the musical portfolio after American Idol. What can I say - I like a lot of different kinds of music.

For me, the keys to Rockstar are interesting versions (mostly) of good to very good rock songs (almost always) played by a GREAT rock band. Unlike A.I., I find that the quality of the singing is usually of secondary concern to the enjoyiment of these performances. I'd say USUALLY because I thought tht the freak girl - who is generaly very entertaining - trying to rework Roger Daltry last night was a pretty embarrassing vocal.

I have never really listened to Tommy Lee before the show, so I didn't know anything about him or his playing. (I understand that there's a DVD which documents his true talent.) On this show, however, he comes off as both an idiot (whenever he opens his mouth) and a third rate drummer (whenever he replaces the very fine drummer in the house band). IMHO
SOunds like a split decision...but I would have to say the level of talent is average to slightly above average at best...most anyone can perform...but very few can actually sing(in key)...Navarro got it right when he commented about the chick in the spandex jumper having "flat" vocals...this is really a singing contest...and the only one that really stands out for me is any a car wreck....I have to watch...what does that make me?(dont say it....
I got hooked by Rockstar INXS last year, but have only seen the first show of Supernova. I noticed the quality of the performances by all the musicians improved greatly toward the end (ie I presume as they received coaching, and more rehearsal time).

A couple of comments above stand out - the House Band last year were far better musicians than INXS (is it the same house band this year?); and - there were some interesting versions of very good rock songs, some of which I though were better than the originals. Finally - even though I hate reality shows and usually avoid them, I had to watch . . . I guess "like a car wreck".