Rockport Serius II is it as good as the Serius III

Who has heard both in comparable systems and can describe the sonic difference between them. I know, one has a direct drive and the other has a belt drive. I'm only interesed in how the Serius II stacks up against the Serius III.


Bill E.
i believe the primary difference between the II and III lies in the profit formulation. the serius III uses the 2nd postulate of the p.t. barnum axiom, while the serius II employs the more common "invisible hand" hypothesis made popular by adam smith. -cfb
Thank you. It certainly is possible that you're right.

Bill, i have been told by those that have heard both the II and III that the differences are subtle but significant in an absolute sense. slightly more ease and solidity, slightly deeper and tighter bass on the III. also, a slightly lower noise floor and speed stability with the III. are the differences worth $20k? , $30k?, $40k?

they could be if you can afford it.

as i own a Sirius II i can say it outperforms any other turntable i have heard by a considerable margin. that includes the Basis Debut Vacuum, the Clearaudio Master Reference, and the La Luce Centoventi.....all i considered seriously until i found the Sirius II.

i have not heard the Sirius III. there are 2 main differences between the II and III.

1. direct drive on the III verses belt drive on the II as you have already mentioned.

2. the plinth on the II is Granite, the Plinth on the III is a composite. the advantage of the composite is that it is said to be more neutral and forgiving of some cartridges; the Granite is more "hard" sounding.

there are other less dramatic differences between the II and III in an evolutionary sense but the functioning of both turntables are the same.

i paid less for the Sirius II(used) than i might have paid for 2 of the other(new) turntables i mentioned above.

once you have seen and used a Rockport, all other turntables will seem like crude toys in comparison. i don't say that in any way to criticize or belittle other turntables, many of which sound great. but a Rockport is made to a whole different standard than anything else.

good luck.
I have heard both the System II Sirius and the System III Sirius and like the System III a bit better......Both tables will eat virtually anything else out there in terms of noise floor and low level detail due to the lack of metal to metal contact in the main bearing, but so will my sport model, the Capella.....The System III appears to me sweeter as does the Capella than the System II Sirius probably on account of the composite of materials used in the Capella and System III Sirius compared to the granite in the System II Sirius.....Pure speculation on my part BTW and I completely agree with Mike as there is nothing like a Rockport out there regardless of vintage......I've had mine for ten years and it isn't going anyplace.....
Same here, in seventh heaven with my System II, and knowing other owners such as the two gentlemen above helps.

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