Rockport owners.

Why Rockport??  Of those of you out there that own Rockport I’m curious why you choose this speaker over so many others?
There are plenty of options like Wilson, Focal, Magico, Vivid etc. However Rockport has a cult like following. Why is this? Seldom do I ever find those that had Rockport and were unhappy. What is it that makes you a loyal Rockport fan. I’m considering them and just wanted to get some idea before traveling to listen for my self. My room is 18x25x18high
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I bought and sold the Wilson Alexia. Now considering the Wilson Alexx vs Rockport Cygnus vs Rockport Altair 2
Isn't the Alexx a lot more $$ than the other two? What are you planning on driving these speakers with? 
I’m putting a spectral system together however I haven’t finalized the amp yet till I decide on the speaker.  I have a old Krell 300c right now which I’ll upgrade after the speaker choice.  
One reason that people keep their Rockport speakers is they are so heavy and difficult to ship,,,who wants to do that....easier just to say you love them and live with them....much like a marriage...
Not Rockport but my reason not upgrading yet. LOL! Lucky still happy with my speaker.
Heard neighbor’s Altair II with VTL Siegfried II and Ypsilon sources. Full body, resolving, powerful, organic ...  He upgraded to Arrakis and now Altair is available if interested.

Heard Alexx at event with Bob McGrath. Exceptional speaker. Little dark with MSB amp. Too bad didn’t use Momentum.
Bottom line can’t go wrong with any at price range. All great just matter of taste.