Rockport Mira vs Kharma 3.2FE vs Magico V3

Those 3 speakers are known to be great - nearly in the same price range.

Anyone had the chance to compare those 3 speakers ?
With which system.
I have heard the Rockport Antare's a few times and the Hyperion at least on one occasion. I have not heard the
new line which is the 3 Mira's, , the Altair, and the Arrakis. I know Andy is manufacturing his own drivers
now, if I am not mistaken. The ones I heard just always
did it for me. They seem to have jet black backrounds,
because his cabinets are so well made. They just have
so much going for them as far as my tastes go. The Kharma's
I owned were the Midi-Grand, the 3-way version of the 3.2
if you will. I could not connect with them at all. In
fairness to the Kharma, my room is only 23x12x8 which may
have just been too small. To me they were somewhat dissecting of the recordings that I play. I want to be
able to play a wide range of music, alot of rock recordings
too. No experience with Magico except very brief in NYC last summer at Stereophile. I guess neither of the three
here go very deep as far as bass goes, I know that holds
true for the Kharma anyway. The Mira is listed at going
down to 35 Htz. Any reason why the Verity Parsifal is not
on your list, I owned them for some time and thay are very
good as well. Goodwins in Mass has the Magico, Parsifal's
and rockports FWIW.
I'm owning the Kharma 3.2FE - and I've heard in a showroom the Magico V3.
The only one I've not heard is the Rockport Mira.

So, my question is more to compare the Mira to the Kharma & the Magico V3.