Rockport Mira and Mira Monitors

Anyone listened? I listened to the Mira's, but the Monitor is apparently new. Anyone seen or heard them yet?

Really nice sounding stuff, albeit expensive as heck. Miras are $13500, the new monitor is $5800.

Just curious if there are any Rockport owners out there, or if anyone is looking purchasing.
While I am not an owner, I have had the opportunity to listen to a handful of speakers that claim to be among the best in the world. Namely, a couple of the Wilson Audio speakers, including the X-2' and the WP8's. While the Wilson speakers are top notch, after listening to the Mira's and knowing how much they cost, it has to be the best deal in audio. They play loud and deep, measure really flat, have a super smooth and detailed top-end, and have exceptional finish quality, regardless of the MDF cabinet. Andy has figured a way to remove the cabinet from the sound reproduction process and what remains is a sound that not many speakers can touch. I think it may be the best speaker I have ever heard, and I have not had the chance to listen to Rockports flagship speaker, yet!
Holenneck (Interesting moniker, btw.)

If you get a chance to hear the bigger Rockport speakers, take it. My friend just got the Antares, and geez, are these great speakers. He upgraded from the Avalon Eidolons, (which I used to think were the imaging and soundstaging champs), but the Antares are even better. These speakers literally disappear. And the bass response is unbelievable! Deep tight bass all the way down to 20 hz, and yet not even a hint of boomines! Impressive is all I have to say.

If I had the cash, I know what speakers I would be getting!
I may hold out for a listen to the Monitors which should be at the dealer in 3 weeks or so. These are really nice, and a very special speaker.
I have owned the Antares for several years, and have had no interest, whatsoever, in looking into other speakers since. They have been for me what I dreamt they would be when I stretched my budget (considerably!) to buy them: a final speaker (after 30 years or so of upgradeitis). I have not heard the Miras (or Monitors), but suggest you give them serious consideration. Andy Payor knows what he's doing.
thanks for the info...I may just do that, although I am not very patient. The only problem, which is a small one, is that his stuff does not have wood finishes, which in our home we prefer. But good sound can supercede aesthetix.
Is there any info on the web regadign these Rockport monitors?
I have just purchased a pair of Rockport Mira speakers and hope to receive delivery soon. I currently own Avalon Arcus and wanted something that was much more dynamic, had a firmer bottom end, but also displayed the musicality and soundstaging of the Avalon. I auditioned the Avalon Opus in my home and also heard Eggleston, Sonus Faber, and one or two others at dealers. A week long in-home audition of the Mira sold me. It has the features I was looking for, but it has something else that is hard to describe. When listening to an orchestra, it actually seems like there are different sections, each three dimensional, and with space between each musician. Rather astounding.
Alun - I took a look at the Rockport website ( and didn't see the Monitors. I can only assume that they are too new, and information hasn't been posted there yet. I would suggest calling Rockport. The phone number is on the website, but I wrote it down while I was there: 207-596-7151

Good luck!
Thanks Jfz, maybe it's exactly what I'm looking for. If you don't mind my asking, what do they retail for?
heard the mira (along with rockport's other offerings ,including the arrakis and the hyperions, which i now own (hyperions)), and they are truely at a different level of most of the spekaers i have auditioned in the past 2 years.

for the money the miras represent a tremendous value, both sonically and visually.just my $0.02.
Value is yet to be determined :-)
$10K for some might be a newer car, for others it may be a new speaker system. I'm hoping that Rockports entry level speaker wont cost as much as a new (to me) car.
Cheers! that the Monitor will hold down cost mainly by sacrificing at the bottom end and the ability to play loud. (The Rockport Mira versus Mira Grand, which costs almost $30,000, seem to differ largely on those two dimensions.) I found the Mira to be splendid in all respects, so if my guess is right, the Monitor should still be an excellent choice. An exception would be if you have a large room.
Man am I embarrased, I see the msrp in the original post! Wow if my hearing is as bad as my vision, well I guess I could save a pile of money.
Anyway, can't wait to hear 'em.
I heard the Rockport Antares speakers at the Stereophile show in 2002 on Halcro amps.
Those speakers were phenomenal
Amazing midrange and bass.
The cabinet is gorgeous.
Here's a pic of them with the Rix Rax stands.
They are going to be in transit to certain dealers very soon. My dealer told me two to three weeks and that was over a week ago. So it should be soon. I may bring my DAC in there and give em a listen.
Ok, something I want to ad to this thread now as grow more and more serious about buying these speakers..If you were looking to create a simpler more refined system, I say simpler in the context of what I own now-a 400cx Krell, VTL Tube Preamp, B&W 805s monitor. So....If one were to want to go in the direction of say an Inegrated Amp, or a tubed based amp.integrated, what would the Rockport owners out there recommend for this? In other words, do Rockports have a particular brand of SS or Tube they pair well with?

Ultimately in a system like this, I would want midrange that is just simply sweet as sugar and lots of extension, lively and defined in the highs but not overly bright, and had the ability to go fairly loud. Although, I find myself listening to less and 'loud' music per sei, but like to know it is available to me for the occasional wild mood swing. I am not expecting a monitor of any sort to wow me with Bass, this is something I am willing to let go of-a little.
Integrated amp? Try the Gryphon Diablo.
Andy Payor uses a lot of Gryphon gear in this own place.
I've been using the Antilean amps on a pair of Antares - Gryphon and Rockport are a great combination.
One problem is the Gryphon is $12k
Jc - Yes, the Gryphon is very expensive. You don't give us any parameters, financial or otherwise, however. There is also the question of why you want to go with an integrated; or, more importantly, whether you are aware that separates generally will sound better. As for your question: at least consider the usual suspects (Ayre, Rowland, Boulder, Sim, etc, and ARC, CJ, VTL, BAT, etc). I doubt if there are many people using an integrated with Rockports. My other suggestion would be to talk with Andy Payor. Finally, audition amps at home, after you've broken the speakers in. Good luck!
Jfz-good point, I didn't give a ton of detail. remember though these are monitors so running them with an integrated makes perfect sense. I wouldn't run an integrated on most of the other stuff Andy offers.
So the Gryphon is too expensive?! Then I suggest the Rockports might be too. I'll save you some time - Andy Payor will tell you he likes Gryphon. Have you checked to see what integrated amps are available on here, or as Jfz suggested, have you looked at any separates? Have you determined your budget? Have you determined what kind of power you need for the room?
I see that there is a Gryphon Callisto 2200 integrated amp for sale here on A'gon (no connection to me). I would recommend checking it out for those Mira's...
Heard the Brinkmann integrated on a couple of occasions. Only 70 watts into 8ohm but the sound was VERY good.
Still haven't seen anything on the Mira monitor yet but man those Merak II's are the nicest monitor I've ever seen.
I saw and heard the Mira Monitor, very nice. But I can't for get past that they just seem like they were designed for a HT application, and I don't like the stands.

They sound nice though, but to me you can do better for the $$.
hey guys, read this review of the Mira on the site, thought i would post the link.