Rockport Mira 2 v. Dynaudio Confidence C2??

I heard the Mira 2' and they sounded wonderful. Wondering if anyone has done a comparison to the Dynaudio Confidence C2's to get a sense of the difference in sound.

I didn't compared the Mira 2s to Dynaudio, but I heard the Mira 2s and they weren't my cup of tea.
I would think a better comparison to the Mira 2's would be the Dynaudio C4's. I'v not heard the new Rockport speakers with the Carbon fiber drivers.
But i'v heard the Dynaudio C2 and C4 speakers.
The C4 speakers are much better then the C2 speakers.
The C4 speakers have a much bigger soundstage and the bass is better on the C4's then C2's.
Listen for yourself, no one elses subjective opinion can guide you to a correct speaker purchase. Listening to others subjective takes on speakers is a sure way to misery, constant upgrading attempts and lots of cash out he door.