Rockport experience wanted

Hi Folks:

I have had the pleasure of listening to some of the best turntables on earth: Walker, Continuum, Goldmund, Clearaudio and VPI. The most elusive is the Rockport System III Sirius. Although it is a fantasy in terms of my budget, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to hear it once. If there are any owners who live anywhere on the east coast and willing to spend the time, I'd greatly appreciate it. I live in CT and will travel as far north as Maine and West to PA.


CT Audio Society
You might want to contact Mike Lavigne, who is currently selling his after 8 years. He's a bit further than PA though.
Have you tried contacting Rockport directly?

Given that they are located within your stated traveling constraint (they are located in Rockport, Maine), it's worth making the attempt.