Rockport Avior?

Does anyone have the specs? Are they out? Anyone heard them??? Look gorgeous....
Hi Kwb,

The BAT Rex mono-block amps along with the BAT Rex preamp are making my Avalon Eidolon Diamonds sing like never before!!! I'm sure you will have a killer sound at the show with the Rockport Avior.

Ackman - I will be at the Atrium Hotel Suite 331. Hope to you there.

Ken Boyce - Cake Audio
Hey Tom, yes I am very excited to hear the Rex with the Rockports. I've always liked the Eidolon I bet your system sounds amazing!

"I will have the Rockport Avior at "The Home Entertainment Show" in Newport Beach CA June 1 - 3. They will be driven by a Banaced Audio Technology REX system. (REX tube monblocks with 2 piece REX line stage). I also have the Mira II at our showroom in San Clemente CA.

Please come by for a listen!

*We are a Rockport / BAT dealer."

Anyone attended this event? Your comments on the Avior are appreciated. Thanks