Rockport Avior?

Does anyone have the specs? Are they out? Anyone heard them??? Look gorgeous....
Thank you sir for your comments above. Totally agree with your approach when comparing speakers however I must say that not many people would have a opportunities to do so.
I will have the Rockport Avior at "The Home Entertainment Show" in Newport Beach CA June 1 - 3. They will be driven by a Banaced Audio Technology REX system. (REX tube monblocks with 2 piece REX line stage). I also have the Mira II at our showroom in San Clemente CA.

Please come by for a listen!

*We are a Rockport / BAT dealer.
Hi Kwb,

The BAT Rex mono-block amps along with the BAT Rex preamp are making my Avalon Eidolon Diamonds sing like never before!!! I'm sure you will have a killer sound at the show with the Rockport Avior.

Ackman - I will be at the Atrium Hotel Suite 331. Hope to you there.

Ken Boyce - Cake Audio