rockport Avior versus salon 2

Anyone compared?
"The fact that you get a hand-tuned speaker and Andy Payor’s fanatical quality control in a 220-pound Rockport model makes this a huge upgrade over something like the Revel Salon2. This is Rockport’s best bang for your buck."
I have the Revel Studio2, little brother to the Salon2. I have not heard the Rockport Avior but my Studio2's are outstanding. The value for my money is through the roof with my Studio2. I have friends with the Salon2 who feel the same as I do about their Salon2's. I will never get rid of my Revels. They work great with a wide variety of amps and basically do nothing wrong. Speaker placement with either of the Revels is very flexible with treble and bass contour controls on the speakers.

You need to listen of possible. No doubt the Rockports have a loyal following but so do the Revels.
I feel exactly the same way about my Salon 2s as Joe does about his Studio 2s. I'd go even further than saying they do nothing wrong and say they do a lot of things just right.

Haven't heard the Aviors (although I'd like to), but let's not forget that they cost 50% more than the Salon 2s and so should be better speakers.
I don't think cost necessarily relates to sound quality-even with Rockport.
Anything limited production must cost more than that done on a much larger scale. I'm hoping to hear from those who have heard both, without an axe to grind.