Rockport Avior versus Ankaa

I have an opportunity to trade in my Ankaas for Aviors. For those who have heard both, is the difference evolutionary or revolutionary?

You should demo the Aviors and let your ears decide the appropriate vocabulary . As a long time Avior owner , IME, there are very few speakers that come close to the Aviors performance at its price point or even well above it.
Just my opinion, don't own Aviors, but heard them several times...there are several speakers in their price range that some prefer over the Aviors. The best advice is to listen and let your own ears decide.
Thanks for your feedback.

It is hard for me to demo the Aviors as there is no dealer in my neck of the woods. And it is impossible to demo side by side as I am unaware of any dealer with both in stock. (Demoing side by side in my home would take even more herculean effort, not to mention some nonrefundable serious shipping costs.)

I love the Rockport "house sound" (having compared against a number of other top lines).
I think you seriously have to listen for yourself, here's why.

I always love the Rockport house sound, having heard all the models from the Mira up to the Avior in numerous settings (home setting that is, not show setting). At the time, Rockport was coming up with the Avior, the first series with Beryllium tweeter and all front firing woofers. I was overjoyed and almost placed an order unheard beacause I thought the soft dome they used back then could have a bit more sparkle and the front firing woofer would make the cabinet thinner and easier to place in my room. Well I did not place the pilot order and in the end had a chance to listen to the Avior prior to making decision. In my opinion, it was somewhat a departure from the old housesound I was accustomed to. Maybe it was that I prefer the old Audiotechnology midrange, or maybe it was the new Beryllium tweeter, but somehow I found the sound to be very different. Bottom line, I do not think the OP analogy of the housesound applies here. It would apply if you move up within the old series I believe, but this is entirely a new design.

Thanks for your very thoughtful comments. I would need to integrate the Avior into a setup with a Mira center and surrounds, which makes your observations about the departure from the "house sound" even more concerning.

I think perhaps I should save my pennies.