Rockport Avior or Magico S5

Well I am selling my Verity SarastroII and looking at the Rockport Avior or the Magico S5. From what I am hearing the Rockport's are a darker presentation than the Magico's. Both seem to have great sound stage and depth. My Sarastro's I think are more like the Magico S5's and I am thinking of going in a different direction with the system.
What do ya's think?
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Joey V - you must be in DFW! Its true, it was me more than likely if you are in DFW.

I auditoned the Aviors extensively twice in a one mnth period. Loved them. It's interesting that you mention harshness with Ayre, but with the new 20's, its more liquid. That is exactly what I thought about the initial Ayre set up. But one could certainly hear 'through' that and know what the Aviors are capable of and more.

I talked with both Vu after he heard them at CES and Andy at Rockport - it was enought to know that the signature sound of Rockports/Aviors would be there with the Cygnus - except just more open and 'bigger' sounding and of course, more bass.

Small world! By the way, I can't say enough good things about Hi End Audio and Home Theater in Plano. Vu is a great dealer and person!
I listened to the Cygnus at CES, it was very nice. Philb - I think you made a good decision changing your order from Avior to Cygnus if you have room for them. When do you think you will get them? Post some pics of your room here or whatsbest forum. I ordered our Altair's in November - it was torture to wait for them - but worth the wait! I'm excited for you -

We are a Rockport dealer located in Southern CA and have the Atria, Avior and Altair's here, got the Altair's here last week. Just setting them up - they are amazing. But all the Rockport's have the same beautiful presentation - kind of reminds me of a Planar speaker with a large, deep soundstage - but with more dynamics.
Thanks Ken, I'm told the Cygnus should arrive sometime in June or July (late Q2). I was updated last week that it is still on track for that timeline and no delays are expected. I loved the Aviors when I auditioned them too, the Cygnus just offered a chance at the latest design implementations of Andy Payor. Combined with my keeping loudspeakers for several years and not 'flipping them', and it seemed like a wise move.

My room is 21x15x9 and some pics are on my Audiogon system page. Andy felt like either the Cygnus or Avior would work well in my room. I was concerned that I might be pushing it with the Cygnus and my room might not be large enough. But as an empty nester, we may be moving in the next two years and I will definitely get a larger room if we ever move.

Congrats on your Altairs! I can only imagine how incredible they sound!
Guys, I have read and reread this thread and a few things stand out to me in regards to the last couple of comments on the Vandy's. First off if the only times you are hearing ANY speaker is during an event, then you aren't hearing the speaker properly. I've learned that I can't make any evaluations on any product during an event when you aren't in the sweet spot plus there are too many people in the room and that changes the acoustics greatly.

Someone brought up the mids being thick and bass bloated. Just by reading those two comments I can tell you that they were no set up properly or there was something else wrong in the system. First off the bass on the Quatro up to the 7's is fully adjustable. If set up correctly you just will not get either of those characteristics on the carbon Vandy's. I've never heard anyone who's properly auditioned them say either of those two things.