Rockport Avior 1 with Spectral Dmc 30 SL G 2 / Dma 360 S2 mono Mit Oracle Matrix cable

Hello, about Spectral Audio ( Dmc 30 SL g 2 Mit Oracle Matrix ic 50 / Dma 360 S2 mono Mit Oracle Matrix Hd 90 speaker’s cable ...... can be a good match with Rockport Avior 1 speakers ?

Thank You
If you’re staying with Spectral MIT is the way to go. As far as Rockport I have a friend who swears by that combo.  Great match I would think. Spectral can be a little on the dry side and Rockport more laid back maybe a little warm. Together they could be the perfect match. 
I listened to the Rockport Avior 1 for a week in my house but I didn't like them   ... poor sound   ... compared to my Jm Lab Utopia first edition  they belong to another category. I decided to keep my speakers tight because in order to get better (according to my musical taste) I should spend a lot of money  even in the used market. As a matter of fact    my   actual  Jm Lab Utopia   first edition   (the second edition was  named " Focal Nova Utopia  and current model is the  third edition  "Focal  Stella Utopia")  must be compared with loudspeakers of a much higher level than the Rockport Avior.

Thank you folks. 
Were you driving the Aviors with the Spectral gear or something else?
  • With   my  Spectral Dmc 30 SL G2 and Dma 360 S2 mono ..... (all Mit Oracle Matrix cables )  see above ...