Rockport Atria OR Legacy Aeris OR Focal Scala Utopia III (V1's)

Hi All,

need a bit of help here. i can do either way on those two great speakers.

keeping the AVM SA8.2 for the rockport's
or keeping the LAMM ML2.1 monos for the Legacy's

i am torn as the Legacy are not available for demo and is sale by order only.

any advice or comments will be much appreciated.
Its your ears and your wallet only you can make the call however i like the Focal Utopia the best most musical choice.

basically i can get all three speakers for about the same price. rockports a little cheaper.

but the Utopias do look stunning.
I have no listening experience with Rockport so comments are confined to Legacy and Focal...

+1 for ebm’s comment on ears and wallet being the determining factor however please also note your musical preferences will drive speaker selection. For example, if you go in pipe organ, taiko drumming, hard rock, progressive rock, anything with deep synthesizer bass (rock*, electro/dance, techno, new age, etc...), then the Aeris is the clear choice; owning them for 2 years now and the model prior (Focus SE), I can tell you the bass punches, deep (16Hz -2db truly), fast, musical and hyper-accurate. There is "NO" comparison between the two. Mids and highs on the Aeris are also rich, accurate, lush, musical, imaged extremely well, 3D soundstage, etc....the Wavelet processor now available does wonders for conquering your room. The sweet spot is huge and ’around the house listening" does not make you sacrifice anything in terms on tonal correctness, etc... Also, unlike others, including the Focal’s I’ve heard and thought about buying over the years, I’ve never gotten ear fatigue. I’m not slamming one brand over the other just to clear; everyone’s ears are different. If you had to take a chance, grab a plane or car to drive to take a listen, I’d say you are down to 2 (and probably 3 with the Rockport) great choices. Don’t know where you live but if you are within striking distance of Greenville SC, you are welcome to have a listen to Aeris (see my v-system page for details).

FYI...both the LAMMs and the AVM SA8.2 (thought about buying one, wound up with an Esoteric A-02 that popped up, also a great choice) are great choices for the Legacy based upon first-hand listening....
If you are in the New England area, contact Goodwins High End.  They have been Rockport dealers for years and could give you some insight.  P.S. I am in no way affiliated with Goodwins.
I am in New Zealand :(

i listened to to the rock ports today and liked it very much. I would also like to listen to the aeries but the only pair in my country has immigrated to Australia with the owner. 

Bugger bugger.

Sounds like the sort of connundrum that only a true Audioholic would possibly end up facing.  The best advice would be to get an intervention from your AA mentor.  And/orrrrrr research and re-research and plan your system before you.... It's (kinda) worked for me though Audio Diablo (JP) is trying to tempt more than one of us I suspect!