Rockport Atria II or Magico A5

I'm considering a change from my Focal Kanta 3s and will be auditioning Rockport Atria IIs and Magico A5s soon.  I've heard the Rockports and Magico S3 IIs together,  but not the A5s. Rockports more than held their own.   

Looking for opinions as to how either the Atrias or A5s would pair with my D'Agostino Progression Integrated and M Scaler/Dave   

My space is 15x21x14 ft and I stream Roon almost exclusively.   

My musical tastes are varied - classical, opera, jazz/blues, classic rock, indie  

I listen at moderate volumes and value clear separation between voices, but with a "coherent" sound overall if that makes sense.  This is what the Rockports seemed to achieve moreso than the Magico as I recall.  

Thanks and stay safe.  


TheA5 Magico are not clinical they are accurate and with a slightly warm character 

having rebuilding Loudspeakers for  years the Mundorf Evo capacitors aluminum oil 

are pretty tuneful , the Mundorf  Ultra Copper foil Resistors are the most accurate in the world , and used in the Loudspeaker purifiers purifiers ,vs any in the world !

and Mundorf inductors  the A5 is a great great , 

So, I will add this insight, even though this is Audiogon.

***I am a dealer - owner of Liquid HiFi *****

I think that it is important to find a dealer who will work with you to properly setup and properly equip the selected speaker to perform at it's best.

Whether you choose Rockport, Wilson, Magico, Stenheim, YG or other - the speakers will only perform at their best with proper electronics and often overlooked aspects liked grounding and network optimization.  Otherwise you are only hearing a fraction of what you should be for the money you spent on speakers.

Agreed.  Having spoken directly with Andy Payor I know he favors and largely voices his speakers with Gryphon, and I was surprised that Alon Wolf holds Hegel in high regard although he uses other electronics as well that I’m not privy to. 

Look at the new Sonor Audio Claro 10.2 Speakers too they might be the best value on the market right now !

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