Rockport Ankaa... Room sizing

Does anyone know the approx volumes or sizes that this loudspeaker would suit?

I have a room that is 4.9 meters wide, 5.5 meters long and 3 meters high. Timber flooring, suspended

Does anyone also know the RRP in the US and the EU? What would I be likely to pay for a pair that would be 8,9 or brand new?
IIRC the Anka was discontinued sometime back, hence new would be like NOS. In the current lineup both the Alya and the Atria would fit your room dimensions. I have a pair of Aviors in a slightly larger room. I aspire to no other speaker ....
Sunnyboy. I noticed your photos seemed to show perhaps Quad electrostatics - earlier maybe. You expressed real satisfaction with your Aviors. Did you have electrostatics before? How would you compare the Aviors-other than bass of course. What other speakers did you audition/consider? Thanks. ptss at shaw dot ca.
NOS as in new old stock, a term more commonly used to describe vintage tubes.
I have had ESLs for 7+ years , initially ML Odysseys and then Quad 2905s. In every sense the Rockport Avior is a superior speaker and IMHO, at or well above its price point, to my ears it's unbeatable .