Rocket RSC 200 center or Vienna Acoustics?

I am curious to see what the general feeling is about these two speakers. My budget is only $700, which, in audiophile circles, may not be much but it's all I've got and I don't want to wait.
They'll be matched with custom made Harper Obilisk mains. They have titanium tweets and a 10" aluminum woofer and a 3" softdome mid and driven by an Arcam AVR300. How do you think the tonal match will be?

Any help would be appreciated!
Match your speakers with the same brands at the very least. Anything else will be a compromise. Save you money. Enjoy the summer. Do it right for the fall/winter.
My mains are custom made and I'm kinda forced to go with a another brand.
Well the rocket has a vertical mount tweet and mid which is a step in the right direction for proper dispersion. Also they use a aluminum bass driver so they might match closer to what you have. I would lean towards the Rocket for these reasons. Otherwise, have a custom center made with vertical driver arangement if possible. Your third choice is to sell what you have and start with 3 of something new.