Rocket 88's do they offer enough power?

Hi I'm wondering if any of you Cary Rocket 88 owners are satisfied with the power output. ie. does it drive your speakers well.
I'm considering one or two (vertical biamp) to use with Proac 1.5's (88db sens.)
I have the Rocket 88 r-series and run it only in triode (30 wpc) mode with Snell K.5's (86 db). So far I have not run across any situation where I was wanting for power, and even if I did, I imagine I could just switch over to ultra linear at 60 wpc and I would be golden.

This amp rocks with all types of music, I highly recommend it but can not speak for the non-r series.

Good Luck
I have the R version running a pair of merlin TSM-M's at 86db and they are right at the minimum of where I'd like to be in triode. I'm not a volume freak so it works perfect for me. The non R version has 30% less power and it would not work as well for my set-up. I switched to UL for the extra power but find the Triode too sweet a sound to pass up. I second Dhaymond, this is a great amp.