Rock Wool or Owen Corning 700 Series

I want to make some wall absorbtion panels following Jon Risch's instructions, but I can't find Rock Wool or Owen Corning 700 series panels to go on the back of fiberglass. I searched for the Owen Corning website but there is not much information on the panels. Is there anybody who knows where I can get these panels or different panels with the same density? Thanks.

The OC panels are usually available from commercial sheetrock/insulation suppliers. They are primarily used by the commercial building industry and hence OC doesn't give any info on their consumer website. I would recommend checking your yellow pages under Insulation Materials. Find out who the local OC rep is and contact them or locate one of the larger wholesalers in your area as they are usually the ones who stock them. The smaller outfits won't have them in stock and the hifi stores usually are a rip off in their pricing on items like these. The wholesale houses will usually sell to you if you explain what you are doing and beg....

They were a real pain for me to find also....good luck in your search...

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I built the risch panels and you can just use 6.25" faced fiberglass sandwiched between the 1/4" 100% polyester batting and it'll still work great, and its simpler. Just an idea.
I looked through the Commercial Insulation Company, but I had no luck finding the 700 series. I am thinking about using a 1/2" 440 sound barrier, made by the Homasote Company. It is made from 100% recycled paper. This product is sold at Home Depot. Any opinions about this? Thanks.
Several years ago I was successful in purchasing 2 inch thick 703 panels locally (in the Phila suburbs). I don't remenber the company's name but I placed calls to local O/C reps and they finally put me in touch with them.

I purchased an entire box of 2X4 foot panels, maybe 10 of them, but the whole box only cost about $65 and this is enough to make 20 1X4 foot panels which I placed in a light wood frame and covered with Guilford cloth. This cloth is VERY expensive at about $23/yard but decor issues with my wife dictiated its use.