Rock? Ok, let's examine.. ACDC

I'm referring to the lp in the 'box'.

Last song, side 2. "Baby, Please Don't Go"

If you want to rock... if you really want to rock.... this is it!
No. Led Zeppelin Presence is rock. ACDC is roll.

That's a great song that's been covered a zillion times by just about everyone under the sun. (I don't recall seeing it, but I wouldn't be surprised if Zep took a crack at "Baby, Please Don't Go" somewhere along the road.) I think AC/DC does a good job with it, but so do many, many others. If you really want to rock, I say that this is a pretty good choice.

Great song, and good choice!
Definitive version....THem with Van Morrison....honourable mention....ted nugent....
I saw "Them" live at an outdoor surf movie festival in Honolulu in 1965 or something. I think Van might have been a bit tipsy, but I do remember that they kicked ass. Or Them kicked ass.