Rock and roll speakers?

Is/are there a brand/model of speaker that is better suited/build to play classic rock/hard rock and symphonic music fairly loud?
Speakers will be powered by two Sony 333 ES AMPS.
Budget is around 1500 dollars, preferably used, and I can rebuild or upgrade as needed.
Dynaudio packs a lot of quality and a fair amount of quantity into their products. That makes them fare well no matter what you throw at them in general.
That should make them fine for whatever you throw at them as long as you have enough power.

I use Classic Audio Loudspeakers, which are 98 db and go from 20Hz to 35KHz. This allows me to run less power. Right now I am running a set of our M-60s and I can shake the walls. Rock, classical, techno, jazz (to a lessor extent), folk and more all need that ability from time to time :)
If you can afford them, probably Classic Audio Loudspeakers T-1.5 and T-3.4. Also look into the Klipsch Heritage line, i.e. Heresy, Forte, Cornwall, in that order. For absolute performance and value, Troels Gravesen’s Loudspeaker-1 or Loudspeaker-2 kit is definitely worth investigating. Build them yourself or contract someone to build them for you. 

Classic Audio Loudspeakers (Contemporary Line)

Klipsch Heritage

The Loudspeaker-1

The Loudspeaker-2

JBLs L100 rock out.
Has anyone mentioned the KLH model 5?  Look up the review from Zero Fidelity on them.