rock and roll fantasy single

If you could create a rock supergroup and have them record only one song, who would you choose and what song would they play? Ghosts (Hendrix, Morrison, etc.)are not invited.
Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera and J-Lo.
OOPs! They can't sing. The song would be them lip-synching to the Go-Go's "Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun". The video would involve baby oil, jell-o and various implements. Sorry Janet , but you and your tired-ass boob aren't invited.
The song would be "One" written by Bono.

The male lead singer version of this group would be: Neil Diamond on lead vocals; Alison Krauss (from the Union Station) on background vocals and violin; Richard Thompson on lead guitar; Joe Jackson on piano; Robert Reynolds (from the Mavericks) on bass guitar; Paul Deakin (from the Mavericks) on drums.

For the female lead singer version of this group, I would replace Neil Diamond with Rosanne Cash. If Neil could not make it, Raul Malo (Mavericks) would step in.

Regards, Rich
I would have Eric Clapton and Ritchie Blackmore on Guitar, Chris Squire on bass, Cozy Powell on drum, Ian Anderson on flute, Benmont Tench on keyboards, Bob Dylan on harmonica, Helen Terry on background vocals, with Midge Ure singing.

They could do any song they want, I wouldn't care, but something by the Beatles would be nice.
I think you'll find the U2 songs are mostly all "co-written" but if I remember correctly the song was mostly visualised and constructed by The Edge based on his break up from his wife-Bono took this central theme and give it a slightly more universal feel.

Sorry to be so pedantic.

You're not being pedantic at all ... though that is a 5 EURO ($4 USD) word for a Sunday morning. When I was checking the authorship of the song, I was surprised to find entire web-sites devoted to how the song came about and what it means. The consensus seems to be that the band was feeling quite frustrated thinking that their creative juices had come to a standstill and were considering disbanding. Supposedly, Bono starting singing the words to the song and the rest of the band just sort of spontaneously joined in. Interestingly, "One," was the song on the album most despised by Brian Eno, the producer, and it turned out to be the most successful.

When you begin to delve into the song's meaning, there are quite a few theories that range from AIDS to the reunification of Germany to relationship troubles to a father/son conversation. Supposedly, Bono let on in an interview that it was about a father/son conversation.

I find the song very moving, particularly the lines ...

Love is a temple
Love the higher law
You ask me to enter
But then you make me crawl.

I tend to like dramatic voices and thought that Neil Diamond, who is very underrated as a musician and vocalist (the glitter shirts probably don't help his case any) would produce a version on par with, if not better than, U2 or Johnny Cash. I would love to hear Rosanne Cash do a version of the song as well. Raul Malo's version might come off as too sweet and without edge, though he would do a great version of "Kentucky Rain" ... made famous by and I think written by Elvis Presley.

Best regards, Rich
It could be I got my facts wrong-it's happened before!
I was working from memory and I thought that was the origon of the song-I might do a little research of my own on it.

I do know here in the UK Q magazine had a list of the greatest songs of all time and this was no.1.

I'll be back!


Yo comrade ... gotta come back ... I am anxiously awaiting your supergroup and choice of song. I had no idea that Q magazine choose "One" as the #1 greatest song ... I am rarely that much in the mainsteam ... how distressing.

Best regards, Rich
The Supergroup thing is a fun idea but I can't really get my brain to work that way.
The synergy between individuals doesn't work to a formula and one only has to look at the history of modern music to see the low achievements that happened when a lot of exceptionally talented musicians got together with what seemed like a good idea for a band or album.

I don't want to add to that!

Paul McCartney - bass & vocals

Pete Townshend - Rhythm Guitar

Paul Rodgers - Lead vocal

Jeff Beck - Lead Guitar

Ginger Baker - Drums

Grace Slick - vocals

Gregg Allman - Keyboards

The Song - "Venus"
guitar SRV
guitar Jimi
bass John Paul Jones
drums John Bonham
song who cares just play