rock and roll cd player

I want a great sound but I also want great dynamics. Listen mostly to classic rock, adult alternative, and smokey old 2:00 am jazz. I know alot of the recordings arent so hot recording wise. I also have a Meridian 541 pre amp, What about meridian, or rega. Is the difference between the planet and the jupiter worth the extra $$. Is there anything else out there to consider. Should I wait for a double duty dvd? I have a lmix of speakers electrostatic, ddd's, and conventional cone. Kind of like bright in you face but dont like solid state "metalic sound" love live music.


The best CD player for rock music that I found is the Linn Genki or the more expensive Ikemi, combined with all Linn electronics and Linn speakers. You can find the Linn cdp readily available in the used market. Alternatively, also try the Adcom 750 or the Arcam FMJ (also used); both of which have great dynamics and output excellent bass. In regard to the Rega, I have had no experiences with any of their components, so I can't comment on them.

Good luck and happy listening!
Linn is ok and I like linn, but from what you say, I think you owe it to yourself to give Arcam players a listen too. They got mucho pop and great detail--excellent for anything full tilt boogie. Try the Alpha 8 or the Alpha 9. The sound though, is easily very different from the Rega sound, which I found to be a lot smoother and more toned down compared to the Arcam stuff. Rega is like...milky or something in comparison. That may be what you want, I don't know, just know all three makes listed so far sound super way different. Oh yeah, since we are talking about saving the Queens gear, don't forget to audition Naim stuff too. Can't tell you what it sounds like, but might as well throw that in too. Some people are just goofy about the way those sound. You got my vote, Arcam for rock.