Robin Gibb R. I. P.

Barry is the only surving brother of four. Back luck for the Gibbs. I'm in my late forties and grew up as a teenager being exposed to disco - Saturday Night Fever.
Did not care for it that much to be honest. It was not until 7, 8 years ago that I came to appreciate the Bee Gee's earlier material which in my opinion was better.
The DVD 'One Night Only' provides a good cross section of music spanning three decades. Also posted on You Tube.
With over 200 million albums sold they certainly left their mark not mention the numerous songs they wrote for other artists. I really enjoy voice harmonies and the Bee Gees certainly did that as good as anyone group. The music lives on.......

yeah, you're right the Gibb brothers had some very bad luck with Andy, Maurice & now Robin Gibb. Some bad mojo in the family it looks like.
I like their music too (tho' in this country (USA) disco seems to get a terrible rap)....