Robertson Audio: new / old company ???

While i'm quite familiar with Robertson Audio from the 1980's out of Singapore, i was recently shown that there is a new company out with the same name marketing products with the same model designations. Obviously, i'm assuming that this is the same company but i don't know if it is the same designers / engineers. Anyone know anything about these folks or have a website for them ? A search on Google turns up nothing current. Sean
An old audiophile friend very highly recommended the Robertson amplifier - I was not able to find anything about the company on the web, also was not able to find any used equipment. Sean, can you tell us a bit of the history of this company? (I'm guessing they were quite good if you are looking for a reincarnation.)
Tonnesen: I'll drop you an email as soon as i can. I can answer your questions in a more timely manner that way. Sean
Hi Sean,

If memory serves the fellow who started it is not there, his son is running the show now, so who knows?


Greetings from a lucky owner of the original 4010 (and a native S'porean): this link to a review ought to clarify all - always was and still is David Tan, son of Robert -
Good luck searching for one.
I have a Robertson Audio 2020 and 2010. Does anyone know where I can get them repaired?

i own 4 robertson 4010 its fuctioning pretty well though one is giving me a little problem..a tech told me one of the blue capacitors needs to be replaced..i cant find any here in the philippines..can anyone tell me if theres a replacement or where i can order it? thanks
You can try to join May Audio Marketing in USA. They have some parts to repair Robertson Audio amplifier and pream. Speak with Nizar.

Good luck