Roberta Flack-First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

What CD of Roberta Flack song THE FIRST TIME EVER I SAW YOUR FACE is the best sound quality. Thank You
I recommend "The Very Best of Roberta Flack" on the Atlantic/Rhino label produced and remastered to CD in 2006. The later the remaster the better the sound quality. First song on the CD is "Killing Me Softly" and it does have superb bass extension and vocal clarity considering the original recording was made in 1973. I just checked for you and it's still in print at It does get solid reviews.
I have an early Atlantic version of this title(Not Rhino)
If memory serves me correct it sounds outstanding
I'm not so sure later remasters sounded as good but YMMV of course

Going to dig it out for a listen this evening
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