Robert Plant Mighty Rearranger

My wife was kind enough to get me the "9 lives" robert plant box set...a great setit is! i must say his newest release, mighty rearranger, is the best album ive heard in a long time...any other fans?
I bought Mighty Re-Arranger early last year, and think it's terrific. Lots of the old Led Zep in Plant's singing.
personally I hated his overdone voice in that album
Plant's voice was never the same after the 4th Zep album.

I saw the Zoso tour 3 times and his voice was "shot" by then.
I got it last year also, and agree- it's probably his best.
After that I went to see him life- outstanding show, one of the best ever.
...I went to see him life- outstanding show, one of the best ever.
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That's what the Los Angeles Times' concert reviewer said, too. I' was sorry I missed that show.
I listened to a friends CD-R of a soundboard from that tour in Nashville. The band was excellent - great guitar work. Sounded like there were a lot of loops were thrown into the mix, however I enjoyed the Middle Eastern overtones with the bluesy backbeat. Prompted me to go out and buy the studio version of Rearranger. It quite grew on me after a few listens. At least Robert's experimenting a little and surrounding himself with some decent people (IMHO). I learned a long time ago to try and force a Led Zeppelin disconnect when approaching his (solo) music.

Guess I can go along with Audiofeil somewhat in regard to Plant's voice, however not nearly as disappointing as Page's guitar chops by the time "In Through the Out Door" came out.
I'd like to qualify my earlier post lest I be accused of Plant bashing.

First of all I’m a big fan of both Led Zep and Robert Plant. I bought all of the LZ albums on release and own most of Plant’s solo work. He’s a great writer, good vocalist, and always selects superb musicians to record and tour.

Having seen Zep many times between 1969 and 1973 there was a marked deterioration in his voice some time around 1971. Live performances of “How Many More Times” and “Since I’ve Been Loving You” were markedly different in 1972 and later than they were in 1969-70-71. The vocals were much weaker; his range had diminished.

I’m constantly amazed at how many of rock’s older figures such as Ian Gillan, Roger Daltrey, and Sammy Hagar to name a few, have managed to avoid vocal damage and sound so strong after 35+ years of singing. Good genes? Luck of the draw? Who knows? That being said, I enjoy Robert Plant’s work; he is one of rock’s most important artists. However, his voice has changed more than many of his contemporaries.
It's difficult for me to wrap my head around critiquing an artist's recent work based on how his voice sounds in his late fifties compared to when he was 20.

Taken in the context of the qualities of his voice today (some of which are more interesting than the voice of a young man), and how he utilizes his voice today, Plant's "Mighty Re-Arranger" is a strong and enjoyable body of work.

BTW, I agree with Audiofeil on the lasting ability of Daltry and Hagar. Daltrey especially seems like a freak of nature they way he can still bring it after all these years.
my comment on his voice on mighty rearranger was more along the lines of his warbling stylization than a shot voice - true Plant lost his ultra high range in mid 72 evident on many bootlegs of the era, who wouldn't with all that screaming

but his latest work would have came off a lot better had he sang it straight instead of the vocal postering
I have laways windered how much smoking had hurt his voice over the years.
I've purchased the last two solo Plant efforts and to be quite honest - they haven't moved me. As one astute observer has already stated - the vocals are overblown. Moreover I find the music to be uninspired. This coming from a huge Zeppelin fan.