Robert Plant-Dreamland

Another very enjoyable listen newly released,mostly covers with three new original tracks.
Works very well and again a great recording with subtle effects and that famous voice in excellent form.
A nice selection of reasonably obscure cover versions and a couple of blues related tracks given a contemporary feel.
Not perfect but a very very good listen.
Audiogoners-I cannot believe not a single response to a very worthwhile record,not instant but at least 4 performances as good as anything this year..........
Don't let yourselves down if you like Plant's voice and some interesting slants on West Coast late 60's music and old blues reinvented-then buy this......
May be able to comment after next week and only if I do receive the album from my son for my birthday..! Heard a couple of tracks and tend to agree with you on what I did hear. Happy listening, regards, Richard.
Ben, I think it is great that you post these comments on the newer recordings that few have heard yet. I have noticed your posts on the others as well, and it helps me to decide on what new material to choose when I am at the CD store. Thanks, and keep it up.
Yes, do keep it up. Always good to hear opinions from those without commercial ties.

However, I find it hard to get too excited about more Plant product these days. I still enjoy "Pictures At Eleven", though.