Robert Moog

Yesterday Mr. Robert Moog passed away at 71.
As a long time prog rock listener I truly appreciate his contribution with the Moog synth whcih created wonderful music.
Farewell to a true pioneer and major contributor to prog rock and jazz fusion.

I've owned a MiniMoog myself, and nothing else had the big fat sound you got from the 3 voltage controllled oscillators overdriving a 4 pole voltage controlled resonant low pass filter.

I have some of his MoogerFooger pedals, which are basically synth modules in a stomp box (the series includes a MiniMoog style low pass filter!).

Bob will be missed, but his sounds will live on. No synth made today lacks Moog style analog sounds.

His company is in good hands. Bob was already planning to retire next year when diagnosed with brain cancer in April, so the transition to new leadership was already in progress.

A public memorial celebration is planned at the Orange Peel in Asheville, N.C. for noon Wednesday, August 24.

Check the company web site ( for further info.
Farewell Mr. MOOG.
I hope there sweet songs atoning your arivial to the here after.