Roadrunner reapearance

I saw on the latest edition of Analog Planet on MF’s video of the show he attended that at the SOTA booth, they had a working product of the Roadrunner w/motor/pulley as a drop in for a VPI. Anyone here have more info or even better, have one in use? It was reported it is now a product for sale @ $1k. No mention of it on SOTA’s website.
Maybe a phone call to SOTA? 
[email protected] I was at AXPONA and missed the SOTA booth. Would have liked to have seen that.
They SOTA came to an agreement with Phoenix eng awhile back
and happened across a video recently where it was being using it on 
their own tables at a show.

Donna at SOTA is great, give her a call

It doesn't seem they offer the Roadrunner with a motor controller except as an upgrade package with a new motor.
I’m hoping they’ll offer the PS, without the motor, at some point. Wasn’t the original, compatible with VPI’s motors?
@phoenixengr- Good information(thanks)! I built my own SAMA, installing an original HW-19 motor, in a 16lb, solid slab of brass(base/adjusters/etc, added another few pounds), with just(barely) enough clearance for silicone heat sink compound. What are the dimensions of your 3 phase motor? I’m wondering if it’ll fit my SAMA housing, without further machining.
@rodman99999-  You can download the motor spec sheet here:

The mounting holes are nearly identical to the Hurst 59 series motor (within 40 mils on center).  The motor has a ¼" shaft, but comes with an aluminum pulley and uses a flat belt rather than multiple round belts.
Got it!  Thanks for that.
Will this work with a VPI Prime Signature? Seems like a good addition to the ADS.

It's not an addition to the ADS.  
So it won't give me a physical readout that my ADS is adjusted correctly? I guess I misunderstood what this does.
The Roadrunner alone could be used to monitor the speed while you continue to use the ADS. But.the entire new ensemble including RR renders the ADS superfluous.
That is what I was thinking, thus the "addition" comment. After going back and rereading the original post from slaw I can understand the confusion. He was talking complete package and I was thinking of just adding the tachometer.
Can the current VPI Prime Motor be retrofitted with the new DC motor.

I think PBN Audio offers a tachometer at a better price?
The new SOTA motor should fit in the Prime SAMA housing with little or no modification.  The AC input on the SAMA will be replaced with a low voltage connector and the motor should bolt into the same holes as the Hurst motor.
@slaw- The PBN tach is a bit of a misnomer. The tach counts pulses from a high speed clock (18.518kHz) so it will produce a reading of 33.333 when it takes 1.8S for one platter revolution. However, it is counting the period of rotation, not RPM, so as the platter slows down, the reading will increase and if it speeds up, the reading decreases. The only time the reading is correct is at exactly 1.8S/rev. There is a separate clock for 45 RPM, so the tach must be switched between 33/45. If you can live with those limitations, it is a fairly clever design.

The RR does not need to be turned on or off; the tach comes alive automatically when the platter starts spinning and goes to sleep when there is no activity for 5 minutes. It also has an accumulated playing time counter that can be used to track stylus wear and can be reset when the cart/stylus is replaced.
Thank you slaw and phoenixengr,
I have talked to met Peter of PBN a few times and own his fine speakers. I did not know he made a tachometer, I will have to look into that.


Thanks for the explanation. I plan on purchasing your complete package for my TT project.
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