RME ADI-2 vs M-DAC+ by Audiolab (other suggestions)

Looking for first hand experience with these. I have been looking at $1200 max used or new DAC, and these seem to have what I want.

-some filtering/adjustability
-fully balanced and balanced outs to use as DAC/PRE TO BAT triode amp.

Others I considered were hegel hd25 exasound e22. HD12. Etc.

right now I use a peachtree dac itx into my integrated Yamaha a-s1100. The peachtree is very good. But I am planning to upgrade from it to a balanced DAC/pre from comouter via USB, then to a BAT VK-60 etc.

no analog here, have two cats and live in nyc, and have enough other analog hobbies, no more space for crap(sorry, vinyl)

ps-I prefer less dry bright clinical sounding stuff. Listened to some expensive set ups recently that I would rather have a sonos than have my ears ring like that. Was raised on Mcintosh gear and AR9 towers if that means anything(prob not to anyone young wnough to know what a DAC is, JK)
Mytek Liberty.  Their other DACs can be used as a preamp and I think the Libertycan as well.  Their other DACs also have lots of filtering options so I imagine the Liberty does as well.
sorry, no experience with the 2 products in your title thread.
troubke with liberty is that mytek usb inputs are suppose to not be their best, and that it has no remote or volume knob, so whereas can be a digital pre, is not exactly functional.

i have looked at used brooklyn dacs, but again have read their sound is a bit dry, do you have any mytek dacs? 

The rme appeals because is made in germany, not all this made in china crap(m-dac plus is made in china however) 
The RME you mentioned is going to be the best in terms of sound quality as well as havingvokume control. For a straight DAC, the SMSL D1 is a hair better, but the differences are likely not audible.
There is a ps audio stellar gain cell dac for $1100 used now, but I need only a usb input and I think the RME will be better than the pa audio, and seems like changing dac chip from a sabre to aK would be good change if pace to try....but the class A pre amp in SGCD is enticing.
I've had the RME ADI2 DAC since October. I put it up against the Chord Quest. Transparent sound excellent dynamics. Plus features you won't find in DAC's in this price range and. Dual EQ, 5 Band Parametric EQ, and advanced Loudness feature. The January issue of HI FI+ has an excellent review of the RME DAC. Also gives you a choice of headphone's standard over ear and IEM's. Can't be beat for price and feature set. RME is a German pro audio company w/an excellent reputation since the 1990's. The instruction book about 60 pages. So there isa learning curve.