RME ADI-2 direct to amp

Hello all,

I am heavily considering one of these units as the reviews are great and I love the eq options. Anyone compared using the RME direct to amplifier vs via preamp to amp? In theory this should work out well but I tried this years ago with a Wyred4Sound unit and was not pleased with the outcome. Sounded hard and metallic. 

Yes definately try direct, you may be very surprised.
Just looked that dac, it is the swiss army knife of dacs and uses a AKM (Asahi Kasei Microdevices) dac, not bad for a delta sigma dac, I prefer R2R ladder dacs.

Cheers George

If you do decide to try amp direct I would love to hear your comparisons! I think I will wait till my local guitar center has one in stock then go snatch it up. 

It is confusing to me the weight differences in some of these DACs. My Wyred DAC-2 years ago was something like 15 lbs. I believe some newer ones are heavier as well. What can account for 2lbs vs 15lbs in a DAC? 

I've run my ADI-2 directly into my poweramp (Rogue ST100) and it sounded good, albeit a bit drier and less full than when running the ADI-2 through my preamp (Rogue RP7).  I suppose these are preamp colorations (or perhaps there was an impedance issue with directly driving the poweramp?) but the DAC into the preamp sounded better to my ears.
Kinda what I'm thinking. I am running class D amp so I think my tubey preamp fleshes things out a bit. Ill give it a shot anyway if I purchase. 
Currently using DAC inside Node 2 so I'm expecting a descent jump in performance with something like the RME. 
You should be happy mofojo.
Please report back after acclimation