RME ADI 2 DAC question

Hello. I have been told that the RME ADI-2 DAC  can directly drive a power amp. So obviously there is a preamp onboard. So my question is - what is the topology of the preamp?
What do you mean by topology?
The type of circuitry used in the analog preamp section. I'm assuming, (possibly incorrectly) that there are various topologies used for preamps, just as there are for power amps - class A, Class AB, class D etc.
HI Wengr,

Sorry that question is way above my paygrade.

maybe check out audiosciencereview  forum
@wengr amplifier Class A, AB, D are not topologies. In electronics, topology is how things are connected, or how they would be laid out in a schematic. Which is different than how they may be laid out on in an physical product. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Topology_(electrical_circuits)

What are you trying to find out?
Wrong terminology, and irrelevant anyway. All you need to know is the output voltage, output impedance, and output quality.

Output voltage is can reach 2Vrms or 4Vrms for unbalanced/balanced respectively, so it’s standard and will allow any power amp to reach max output.

Output impedance is 100 or 200 ohms for unbalanced/balanced respectively, so use a power amp with an input impedance of at least 2kOhm or 4kOhm depending on unbalanced or balanced.

Sound quality is near state of the art (if transparent, aka uncolored, is your goal).