RME ADI-2 DAC FS is it "All That", especially for under $2,000?

I am upgrading my main system with a Mark Levinson No 532H and pair of Tekton MOABs, arriving in the next few weeks. I decided my Music Hall 25.3 DAC should probably be upgraded as well, I have a PS Audio preamp I was planning on still using.

I am getting a lot of recommendations for the RME ADI-2 DAC FS, and some are saying replace my PS Audio preamp with it also. Pretty much every review or even mention of it I can find, comes with descriptions like "End Game product regardless of price" and "State of the art".

Agreed, most people report excellent results with the stock Dac.I would also look into John Kenny's (Ciunas Audio) super caps LPS, 3A nominal and good cost possibly under $400Anyone here using the ADC to record vinyl? Good results?
I just ordered this DAC.... can't wait !    I'm using a NAD M51 which is a fine DAC so the comparison should be interesting.    

One of the reasons I bought this DAC is to use its crossfeed circuit with my Quicksilver headphone amp.  That along with its feature set.  I rarely buy anything sight unseen or unheard but hopefully it's as great as everyone says it is.

I actually found the ADI-2 FS to be too much on the high frequencies for my liking and ended up keeping the NAD M51. The ADI-2 is definitely more detailed than the M51, but who cares about detail if you can’t actually enjoy listening. Compared to the ADI-2 FS, the M51 is rolled off on the high end. And that’s even with the ADI-2 FS using the NOS filter. I realize the ADI-2 FS has a parametric EQ, but what’s the point in eq’ing the thing to sound rolled off on the high end? With EQ adjustments it lost the edge in detail that it had over the M51.

Just my $0.02. I had high hopes for the ADI-2 FS but it ended up being too ’studio’ sounding for my tastes. I find the M51 to be more musical whereas the RME was more analytical.
I picked up an ADI-2 FS last week and have been letting it run in for a few days.  My previous DAC was a Bricasti M3.

For the money, I very much like its sound quality, and that doesn't take into account the many features it offers.

A question for other owners, has anyone had intermittent connection issues with the power cable?   The connection on my unit is not very good and I have to move/wiggle the connector to get it to power up, and then moving or touching the power cable can cause it to power off.
I'm wondering if this is a common problem or just related to my unit...

On the topic of the power supply, has anyone tried a power supply upgrade and did it make any difference?   One minor complaint I have with the sound is I don't find it overly dynamic or offering overly strong bass.  I am wondering if a better power supply might improve that aspect of its sound.
I love this DAC.   It is in an all tube system so I like a DAC that doesn’t add nor detract.  It is better in my current system than the M51 it replaced and although I posted the M51 for sale I think I am just going to keep is as the heart of a simple 2.1 system in another room

Rhe power connection is a locking connection.   Gently push in and turn to the right .  Gently !!!  It should turn about 1/4 way and stop.