RMAF.....Meet & Greet

Rest your Ears, Put faces to the Audiogon screen names you have come to know and love and get a chance to meet some new friends, and enjoy a drink or two or three.

We will be providing Free Name Tags and a Sharpie, you just have to pay for your drinks and be able to write legibly.

We have organized a Happy Hour at Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant on both Friday and Saturday evenings from 6 – 7:30 PM (just after the RMAF show closes each night). Garcia’s is kindly offering us a Happy Hour with Two for One Drinks (..limit of 20 drinks per person).

Garcia’s is located directly across the street from the front entrance & parking lot and of the Marriott Tech Center (where the convention is being held).

Looking forward to seeing you all !

Cello (Larry Howkins) & Vetterone (Steve Dobbins)
A 20 drink limit?
I think I understand why audiophiles pay $1000 for a power cord...
Hi All,
Please post here if you are planning on attending the RMAF and will come by Garcia's and join us.
I will one evening, anyway. (After I reach the 20 drink limit, I guess I'll go somewhere else...probably with the rest of the crowd...)
See you there...

Tom Jirak
I will be there, but I will only have 15 drinks
>>A 20 drink limit?<<

Only for those operating motor vehicles.

Everybody else can go crazy.
Hi Larry and Steve,

This is Tom In Cincinnati. Larry, we used to e-mail each other about the Supratek preamps, and Steve, I bought my Berning ZH270 amp from you. I am looking forward to meeting you guys in person. I will see you at Garcias.
I will be there, but prehappy & drinkless.
I'm sure I'll wander over at least one of the evenings...

I'm planning to show up on one or both nights.
i'll be there
Our man Todd will be at the Ayon showcase (Hyatt Grand Mesa Ballroom C, 2nd floor) playing some of our Hot Stamper LPs and will try to stop by the Garcia's event.

I plan to attend Saturday. Look forward to meeting some of you and debriefing on the show.
If I would have known you were doing this I would have come to RMAF...