RMAF Anyone?

Just curious how many other A'goners will be at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver in a couple of weeks. Would be nice if A'gon had a booth or area set up for its members as it might be fun to run into folks I've done countless deals with. I'll be there getting my audio fix. Anyone else out there going?

I would look at the link above....
Been every year since show one. Too bad Patricia Barber doesn't come back.

I wish she would come back too! I remember Patricia Barber at what I think was the first or second RMAF. A bunch of us were crammed in an elavator going down to the first floor when we stop at a floor unrelated to the show. The door opens and there stands Patricia Barber in a running suite with her Walkman and shades on. She takes one look and just says "I'll wait". The doors close and nobody says a thing as the elavator continued downward in awkward silence. Finally, I go "Um, does anybody know who that was? It was Patricia Barber!" Cool! I was also in the second row of her performance that evening that was fantastic. So, that's my Patricia Barber story.
I sat in the fifth or sixth row. It was the first RMAF and I haven't gone to a live show at RMAF since. Once you eat dessert, it's just hotdog and chips after that. I only wish I had bought tickets to each performance that night as I understand each set was different. But what a band she has! And watching her pluck the piano strings like a harp was the first time I'd ever seen that done.
Yep. I was hooked on RMAF (and Patricia Barber) after that. Lucky I live in Denver!